Since Zocalo Magazine first outed them as a band in July of 2011, the Cordials have been inching their way into downtown’s ear. A regular Tucson supergroup, the band is comprised of members of Silver Thread Trio, Seashell Radio, the Modeens, and Saint Maybe, and manages to combine elements of rock, pop, surf, and country into a seamless blend of harmony and chaos.


On March 9, 2013, they’ll join Boreas (now called ‘Sun Bones’) and the Andrew Collberg Band for what should be one of the most fun CD release parties of the year. Partnering with former Bohemia owner Tana Kelch, they’ll be throwing their party at the Whistle Stop Depot in the Dunbar Spring neighborhood. Prepare for custom cocktails and local beer, Joe Novelli’s slide guitar interludes between sets, repurposed airplane sides as doors, a food truck, and much more.




Whistle Stop Depot, doors at 8pm, Cordials onstage at 11pm; FREE!


Surly Wench Pub, with Leila Lopez; details TBA